Tree Surgeon West Midlands

Jobs Completed By Tree Surgeons West Midlands

Tree Surgeon West Midlands carry out a variety of different services. Their most common task is tree removal and felling, but they also complete, pruning, land clearance, groundwork as well as general maintenance and upkeep of trees.

The Tree Removal Process

In the tree removal process, firstly they carry out the important task of risk assessment and a full site assessment to properly assess the scale of the job and the scope of work involved. If there are any potential risks to safety or the environment, they must carefully consider this and the best option to proceed and deliver the service in the safest way possible.

As well as this, the disruption to the environment and local area must be looked into. If there will be an impact on the immediate community and if traffic management measures need to be put in place.  The local council often need to be included in these measures.

Once the quote for work has been approved, the work will be arranged by tree surgeons West Midlands. If a tree has many dead branches, the removal process will begin first, often by experienced ‘climbers’ cutting the tree down section by section. By removing dead branches, it stops the risk of the overall tree from collapsing.

If the remaining tree trunk needs to be removed, it needs felling in a controlled manner. There are different types of equipment and members of the team to cover all bases to ensure absolute care is always given.

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