Drop off and collection locker

During this pandemic, business is finding more and more ways of becoming contactless and trying to keep to the social distancing guidelines.

Many are having to think outside the box to bring in even a small amount of income, with restaurants and bars unable to open, many are now offering take out services on food and drink.

Places like car dealerships and garages are trying to find ways of still dealing with customers but this is proving hard due to social distancing rules.

One idea that is being used and is proven to work is a drop off and collection lockers.

A drop off and collection locker allows you to open your business to customers when you are not there or cannot get there within the usual working hours. They eliminate human interaction and allow you to use a drop-off and collection locker without any human contact.

A drop off and collection locker can reduce the time a customer has to wait to collect their car keys or a parcel. For a business, it can save money on overheads and staff. It allows customers more freedom as there is no time scale on when they collect or drop off.

A drop off and collection locker can effectively increase your profitability and increase your bottom line by eliminating the need for extra people to receive and collect items.

In this current climate, a drop off and collection locker could be the ideal solution for you and your business.