Drop Forging

Drop forging is one of the most common forging methods, it is used in the manufacture of the automotive industry, aerospace and many industrial products.


Drop forging uses hot and cold presses and drop forging hammers can also be used in this process. One of the advantages of drop forging is it improves strength. This is done by stretching the grain structure and aligning the metal, a part that is forged will usually be stronger than something that has been machined or cast. Forging of the steel will make it stronger and more reliable due to the grains of the steel being altered. Once forged the tight grain structure will make it strong.



Drop forging involves a hammer that is raised and dropped onto a piece of metal to deform it into a desired size and shape. The main two types of drop forging are open-die drop forging and closed die drop forging.

Drop forging is said to be a better process than casting because casting will just change liquid metal into solid metal using a mould or cast. Forging will be where the metal is shaped by hand or machine.

The cost of drop forging varies depending on who you use, it can be cheap or it can be expensive, do your research on who you use, go by a recommendation from a friend or business colleague. There are some very highly skilled drop forgers out there that can transform a piece of metal into any shape required.