Clocking Systems

‘What is a clocking system?’ and other important questions

clocking systems


Now there’s always been clocking systems of sorts. Timesheets have been around since before our grandparents’ times but there’s always been a degree of deviousness when it comes to timesheets. If employees are filling them in themselves there is scope to change the time and cheat the system. If you give another employee the job of clocking people in, you waste your resources and risk employees spending considerable time finding the person who is meant to be clocking them in. That is why many companies are beginning to install clocking systems. This blog will answer your key questions on clocking systems and hopefully convince you that these systems should be installed.

What are clocking systems?

Clocking systems are machines that use a fob or biometric system to track who has come into work. They provide employers with a clear, physical record of who has come to work and when they arrived. The clocking system works well for payroll and efficiency reasons.

What sort of clocking systems can I get for my workplace?

There are several sophisticated clocking systems that you can use for your employees:

  • Biometric systems: these are systems that use fingerprints, facial recognition etc. to clock in employees
  • Mobile apps: an integrated workforce management approach that allows employees to clock in and out of work, ask for a holiday, have access to payroll and a lot more.
  • Time and Attendance Panel: shows employers and employees who’re in constantly updating with when they will be leaving when they will be on their break etc.
  • Fire drill: some systems even incorporate a fire drill register which allows employers to check that everyone has evacuated the building.

What are the benefits of a clocking system?

There are two principal benefits to the clocking system: accuracy and reliability.

  • Accuracy: the method will ensure that those who are clocking in are coming in at the time they say they are coming in. As the workforce is the largest expense for a business, accuracy is vital to keep a business running efficiently.
  • Reliability: using clocking systems will ensure reliability when it comes to clocking employees in. If they must clock in to get into the working area, they will be more likely to clock in. Clocking systems ensure that people are clocked in and that employers have the knowledge of when they arrived.