Some Amazing Things That You Can Do With Your USB Flash Drive


a victorian era looking usb flash drive pulled out of it's case for showWhen we think about the usage of a USB flash drive, then many people will prefer to use it only for data transfer or data storage. Indeed, that is its main use, but you can do so many other things as well with it. Here, I am going to talk about some of the things that you can do using a USB flash drive. You can install applications from it, in earlier times, if you had to install anything from a media, then people used to use CD or floppy disk to acheive the same goal . These days people can use flash drives for any kind of software installation. If you want to install an operating system on your computer , then you can make a bootable USB drive and you can install the application from it.


You can use it as a passkey to protect your system or information stored on your computer or content with better security, then you can use a USB drive as a passkey for that purpose. When you would use it as a passkey, then it will help you secure the system in by adding that extra level of security. This will certainly help you get the best protection for your content and you would be able to get the best outcome as well.


You can boost the performance of your machine, if you have low ram in your windows computer and you want to boost the performance of your computer, then you can use your flash drive to increase its performance. You can simply use the ready boost function in windows 7 or later OS’s and you can increase the performance of your slow computer by running disk management programs from the flash drive. Other than this, you can also boot a complete operating system from it, you can run some of the applications from it and you can use it as an extension storage space for your mobile or tablets. So, if you are still assuming that a USB flash drive can store only data, then you should look into the various applications usb’s can provide, you may find your opinion changes for the better.